Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving Again....

So Right before school is out I will be moving classrooms yet again for the third time this year. This move won't be so bad since most of my stuff is still in boxes from the last move around spring break. Organization is one of my "problem areas" So since I will be moving again I plan to do it right this time. So here is what I am thinking...
I want to buy a couple of these babies and those bins that fit into them to store centers in my classroom. I think the children will have easy access to them as well ....anybody have any thoughts on this? Am I making things complicated or should I just stick with those plastic drawers?


  1. Oh man! Why is that you are the "chosen one"? Why do they keep making you move... doesn't seem exactly fair. I'm glad your in good spirits about it though!

  2. I guess since I'm the newbie on campus they figure what the heck. This year has been really rough so the thought of moving again doesn't sound so bad. I miss my old campus terribly though.